innitus is frequently called a "ringing in the ears".

One of the common symptoms of hearing problems is hearing a sound that isn't really there. You hear it alright, but it's not really there.

People describe tinnitus in many different ways. Some are just wording differences, but some give you a clue that tinnitus comes in many different forms.

The most common descriptions include words like: "sizzling", "ringing", "tinkling", "roaring", and "whooshing".

The sound may be constant or may vary depending on circumstances.

Some people find that a hearing aid can lessen the impact of tinnitus.

Other treatments include "maskers", which are hearing aid-like devices which generate more sound to hide the tinnitus, and "trainers", which are hearing aid-like devices that train your brain to ingore the tinnitus.

Some drugs may cause temporary or even permanent tinnitus.

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