Communication Access Realtime Translation refers to the use of a computer connected to a stengoraphic machine to display exactly what is said as transcribed by the operator. Originally used in court reporting, the stenograph (which used to use an coded paper printout) can now be translated in real time to a language you can actually read. CART, is now used frequently to display what is said in meetings so even Deaf and HoH people can read exactly what has been said.

CART can be done on-site, or remotely. With today's modern phone and Internet connections, you can have almost any meeting captioned using CART ... even meetings outside, if you've got a cellphone and are close enough to a high speed or Wireless Internet connection.

CART is also used for live TV captioning, where pre-recording the captions isn't possible.

CART is different from Computer Aided Note Taking (CAN), which uses a standard computer QWERTY keyboard instead of a stenographic machine.

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