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About HLA-NC and Local Chapters

HLA-NC is a state association of Hearing Loss Association of America, and it's focus is on state-wide advocacy and cooperation. All HLA-NC meetings are open to anyone interested in hearing loss. If you'd like to attend and get involved in promoting the interests of people with hearing loss, please email Steve Barber at steve.barber@earthlink.net.

You're also invited to attend local chapter meetings where you will meet others sharing information about hearing loss and working on a local level to support our interests. See Local Chapters for more information.

Next State-Level Event/Meeting

If you are interested in participating in HLAA-NC, please email Steve Barber at steve.barber@earthlink.net.

For local chapter contacts and other information see Local Chapters.

HLAA National Convention
Start planning now for the 2020 HLAA National Convention. It's planned for June 18th - 21st for New Orleans.

If you can attend, you’ll enjoy meeting others, attending great presentations, and meet with vendors of almost anything of interest to people with hearing loss. See More Information.

Special Features

Hearing Loss Glossary: Check out HLA-NC's Hearing Loss Glossary. It's a work in progress, but if you want, you can help by submitting terms or definitions. If the glossary doesn't pop-up on the left of your screen, then you may have to disable your pop-up blocker (try selecting the link while holding down the Cntl key). If that doesn't work try this alternate link to glossary.


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Hear Bird Calls
If you've got new hearing aids or CIs, you may want to see how well you can hear different bird calls. This link can let you select 50 different birds and hear what they sound like.

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make - AAAStateofPlay.com - Infographic

Note: If your devices can stream via Bluetooth, FM or telecoils, it might sound better.

Captioned Plays in NC
At least two theatres in North Carolina now support GalaPro, which allows anyone with a smartphone to see captions of live plays which have GalaPro caption services. Theatres so far offering GalaPro captions (when available for a play) include:
  • Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC)
  • Blumenthal in Charlotte
Plays that are GalaPro compatible use a script that's synchronized to the acutal live audio of the play. The captions are transmitted via WiFi to anyone who has installed the GalaPro app (free at play.google.com for Android, and at the iPhone App Store). Once you have the app installed, you'll need to create a free account. Here's a link to to YouTube captioned video that explains how to open the app, and see the captions.

Wake Chapter Member Video
Steve Latus is the focus of a video, "Taking Back My Life After Sudden Hearing Loss". Steve is a board member of HLAA Wake Chapter. You can see the video, HERE.

New Greensboro HLAA Chapter
Efforts are underway to start a new Hearing Loss Association of America Local Chapter in Greensboro.

Please email Katie Franklin, NC DSDHH, Hard of Hearing Specialist at the Greensboro Regional Resource Center, if you are interested. For more information about the forming Greensboro Chapter, please see the Greensboro Chapter Page

Hearing Loss Awareness Month
North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, has signed a proclamation announcing that May is "Hearing Loss Awareness Month". Here's a picture of Jan Withers, NC DSDHH Director, and Julie Bishop, HLAA-NC President, showing the proclamation. ,

Special thanks to Julie Bishop and Tony Davis, NC DSDHH Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator, for making this happen.

See a picture of the Photo Shoot with Governor Cooper and representatives of HLAA-NC and HLAA-NC Chapters at the Governor's mansion.

See the Proclamation

Hair Cell Regeneration: Roy Roth, one of HLAA Wake Chapter members, is hoping to identify others in North Carolina that are interested in participating in a possible trial of hair cell regeneration.  A firm in Mass. has completed safety trials and may soon be starting efficacy trials.  If you are interested in helping Roy convince them to do one of the trials in NC, please contact Roy at  rroth@nc.rr.com

Starting Out in Hearing Loss?
People with a lot of experience in hearing loss are often asked for advice by people who are new to hearing loss. See this List of Suggestions that provided one answer to that question.

New Loops in the Triangle
There are two new loops recently installed by professional installers in the Raleigh area. If you enjoy theatre, or museums, then check these out. And be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their providing an audio loop, when you do visit.
  • Raleigh Little Theatre's Sutton Theatre installed a loop last Summer. HLAA Wake Chapter held one of our program meetings in the theatre to celebrate the new loop. Click Here to see an article about the RLT loop and the Wake Chapter Celebration event at the theatre.
  • The NC Museum of Art now has a professionally installed loop in the SECU auditorium. You can use their loop to hear lectures or movies better.

Spectacular Video:
If you've ever wanted to really understand how we hear you won't want to miss this video "tour" that is perhaps the best I've ever seen. Take time to watch it all; it's amazing.

ALD Locator Web Site: Here's a link to a web site that maps facilities with assistive hearing technology: http://www.aldlocator.com/. If you know of any site that is not shown on the map that provides hearing assistance technology, you can fill in an on-line form at that site to have them add it to their map.

State of NC Job Opportunities: You can search the State of NC Office of State Personnel job listings at the NC Gov Jobs Web site for available jobs. There are often jobs available that require skills or experience related to hearing loss or deafness. Enter any term such as "hearing loss", "deaf", "assistive", or "interpreter" into the search field at the site to identify jobs that you might be interested in and qualified for.

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